Michael Andrew, also known as Michael The Maven, is a video and film producer. He currently publishes Photography videos on his YouTube channel, MichaelTheMaven and daily articles on his blog www.michaelthemaven.com. Michael is an expert in testing cameras, as well as producing training videos for beginners on DLSRs, Mirrorless Cameras, as well as many photography subjects.

Michael also operates his own disaster aid charity organization; redlightning.com which assists other groups like The Salvation Army with information resources after catastrophic disasters. Michael specializes in real-time; GPS based logistics as well as locating and assessing isolated populations after these disasters. He has volunteered to the disasters of Haiti (2010), Japan (2011), the Philippines (2013), Vanuatu (2015) and Nepal(2015).

Michael holds undergraduate degrees in Zoology and Russian, as well as graduate degrees in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.  He played fullback for the Brigham Young University football team for all 5 years of his time at BYU, serving an LDS mission to Moscow, Russia after his freshman year.

Currently he is an avid hiker and cross-fitter, and complete movie fanatic. He was producer on the two independent films released in 2016; Love Everlasting and Sacred Vow, the latter of which he was also cinematographer.

After 25 years of study and application in these different fields, Michael has recently published his personal findings about efficiency in The Efficiency Playbook, which is available through the links above, as well as Amazon and other retailers.

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Business Emails Only: support@michaelthemaven.com

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